Year: 2019

Happy doctor and dentist

Why Are Dental Care & Medical Care Separate?

Going to one office for your annual physical and yet another for your dental checkup may seem inconvenient and illogical. It also may leave you wondering why

Mouthwash & toothbrush & mint

Why Mint Feels Cold & Other Flavor Mysteries

There's no doubt that when it comes to dental products, mint is the dominant flavor choice. Finding a toothpaste or mouthwash that isn't spearmint, peppermint, or some made-up version of mint

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Mouth-Related Sayings & What They Mean

As dentists, we naturally answer lots of questions about teeth. However, sometimes you'll hear people say things about mouths and teeth that don't seem to make any logical sense.

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How to Make Your Dental Visit More Comfortable

We only have to think back on all the excuses and last-minute cancellations we've encountered to know that people tend to put off going to the dentist.

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Trouble Spots to Watch Out for When You Brush

Even patients who have a very solid daily dental hygiene routine may have trouble cleaning every part of their mouth.

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How Dentists Repair a Chipped Tooth

Accidents happen, but when an unforeseen incident like a fall or a sports injury results in a chipped tooth, it may feel like you smile will never look right again. Rest assured that you dentist has…

Refreshing Hard Sparkling Water

The Hidden Dangers of the Sparkling Water Trend

You've cut down on your mocha maple double latte habit—good job! You've given up your sweet tea with lunch—great! You're skipping flavored sports drinks and sticking to water at the…

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Oral Hygiene With Dentures

If you're new to wearing dentures, we have some good news for you. We've come a long way since your grandma's false teeth. These days it's easier than ever to get durable, realistic dentures.

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3 Bad Oral Habits to Watch Out for in Kids

Anyone who as watched over or raised a baby or toddler knows that the mouth is one of the key ways that small children explore and learn about the world.

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Foods That Naturally Contain Fluoride

Dentists love fluoride because it can strengthen and re-mineralize damaged enamel, making it more resistant to decay. That's why fluoride is added to public drinking water